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Boco Rock Wind Farm is located 10km south west of Nimmitabel, and 30km north of Bombala, in New South Wales. Stage One of the project will comprise 67 wind turbines.

The approved wind farm comprises up to 122 wind turbines spread over 27 different properties, including those landowners that will host the connecting power line spanning from the project to Steeple Flat 25km east.

Number of turbines 67
Rating of turbines 1.70 MW
Wind farm size 113.90 MW
Predicted output 349,217 MWhr p.a.
Average Households supplied 50,421
Carbon dioxide saved 293,343 tonnes p.a.
The capacity factor used in these calculations is 35.00%.


All the calculations used to estimate annual wind farm output, the number of households it will supply and the CO2 emissions saved, are generic figures based upon the calculations below.

1. Average Output
Wind Farm Capacity in MW x Capacity Factor (%) x Annual Hours (8760) = Wind Farm Output (gross yield in MWhr per year)

2. Households Supplied
Predicted Output / Average Australian Electricity Consumption per Household p.a. (6.926 MWhr*) = Number of Households

3. CO2 Emissions Avoided
Wind Farm Output x CO2 Savings per kWhr = CO2 Emissions Avoided 

Our minimum and maximum emissions figures, in kilograms of CO2 emitted per MWhr, were obtained from the Australian Government Department of Climate Change (Jan 2008) National Greenhouse Accounts (NGA) Factors. A link to the site from which this came is also provided below: 



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